Live In Peru CD/DVD

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For those who want to also stream the concert online and don’t have a DVD player. Provide proof of purchase (Order receipt with order number) of this CD/DVD to this email and we will send you a complimentary code to watch the Concert Stream in HD full quality via VIMEO.

If you have already purchased the CD «Live in Peru» before the date 01/04/2022 and still want this CD/DVD package, you will receive a 50% discount on this CD/DVD. Please also provide proof of purchase to and we will reply with your personal coupon code.

For a limited time only, Tony will be autographing the first 100 CD/DVD’s that are sold! While supplies last!

Tony Succar launched “Live In Peru”, a brand new live album with a star-studded lineup and a 40 piece band that inspires everybody to get moving for the hour and thirty five minute long joyride that is Live in Peru.